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Perfection Paralysis

Reading Permission to Suck by David Kadavy inspired me to stop caring about appearing perfect and start allowing myself to just wing it sometimes.

The last time I published a post to my personal blog was over a year ago. I said at the beginning of 2015 I was going to write more. I really wanted to, but I also wanted every post to be just perfect.

When I started high school I learned how to hack video game consoles. I’m not sure if the challenge interested me, or if I was just interested in fighting ‘the man’ who dictated which games I could play and how I had to play them.

I learned about this skill-set from a reference to an online forum in some gaming magazine. The forum was magical and full of other misfits who shared my passion. While on the forum, something strange and totally unrelated to console hacking caught my eye.

Under every post, there was a little signature picture

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Designing around frustration

When I was a kid I used to get into play fights with my little cousin. I still do, but used to, too!

Our play fights would get a little heated and, occasionally, she would get hurt. Seeking to avoid trouble at all costs, I would do everything in my power to get her to laugh instead of cry.

I can’t count the amount of times I have been ferociously waiting for an app to load or a video to buffer.

Granted, this is pretty high up there on the list of my first world problems… but I have things to do and places to be!

Staring at the word “loading” leaves me helpless, impatient, and frustrated with your shitty app!

About a month ago, I was mindlessly scrolling on Amazon and reached what seemed to be end of Amazon’s “recommended” items.

For a second I thought Amazon ran out of semi-useless things to sell me. Then I quickly found myself spiraling down the nine circles of hell loading.

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Why you should encrypt your Mac


I mentioned in an earlier blog post the benefits of encrypting your laptop. On Mac, Apple has built-in a tool called FileVault that allows you to encrypt all of your computer’s data.

What is full disk encryption? I like to think of “full disk encryption” is a fancy word for organized scrambling. All data on your computer is scrambled to the point where it becomes useless to anyone without your master password. When you log in as usual, your password not only grants you access to the computer, but also allows the computer to mathematically make sense of the scrambled mess.

Why should I care? Many businesses automatically encrypt every computer that can leave the company’s office. The reason for that being in the event of a lost or stolen laptop computer, any sensitive data will be protected and safe from any unauthorized individuals.

If you have a Mac, you don’t need any special

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How to Identify (and Mitigate) Your Single Point of Failure


For our non-technical readers: If I mention a technical word I’ll do my best to put a simple description in parentheses. I was in the middle of something last week when my MacBook Pro started experiencing random kernel panics (restarts or crashes without warning). As you can imagine, a number crude words escaped my vocal chords partnered with a face full of frustration.

Even though I’ve worked in technical support for a number of years, I could not identify what was causing these kernel panics. After many tests and diagnostics, I gave up and brought it to the Apple Store. It turns out, my motherboard (really important part of the computer) went bad.

Thankfully, I purchased AppleCare with my laptop, so I am still entitled to free repairs and replacements, but this replacement will take at least a week.

Not being able to run my computer for more than 20 minutes hit my productivity

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6 Steps to a Safer Business


I cringe when I hear entrepreneurs and small business workers tell me that they “… are too small to be targeted by hackers”. Let me set this straight, this sort of ignorance can cost you thousands of dollars. To set the record straight, hackers are opportunistic. They have software that scans hundreds to thousands of computers at a time and finds out rather quickly if you’ve been slacking in the security department. Once a weak spot is identified, they exploit it.

If you are like most people, you probably know you should be doing more to protect your computer and keep your company data secure. You may not know where to start, or maybe you (or someone you know) don’t think security should be as big of a concern as those “mission critical” task.

I read this Inc. article, which stated that in 2013, the National Small Business Association surveyed about 800 small business owners and

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Facebook’s Notification Icon

If you are still a Facebook user, you’re probably aware of the little tiny icon of Earth that represents your notifications. You know, it’s the first icon you click after you open Facebook…


Yeah, well I noticed a recent change in that icon on my phone and in my web browser. After a little digging I had found this “Slate” article. It turns out, this icon is now different for Facebook’s users depending on where they live in the world. As I am currently in Europe, my notification’s icon now illustrates the other side of the Atlantic.


When companies spend time on little details just to make a little better experience for their users, I tend to genuinely enjoy it. I just thought I’d share the little things that make my day.

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